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From his gargantuan return to Ultra Music Festival 2022, followed by the announcement of a new album ‘REBELS NEVER DIE’, several new singles including ‘BROKEN MIRROR’ and ‘BLACK MAGIC’ from Hardwell spun the global electronic scene into a frenzy. Taking a route back to his underground-leaning love of innovative and prestigious harder strains of dance music, ‘DOPAMINE’ is the next stunning release from the behemoth himself, guaranteed to give a serotonin-inducting injection into the dance arena.

Commencing with a militant-style, deep noted rhythm that hammers with a ferocity, mutating rolls of drums set the ground shaking right off the Richter Scale, punctuated with glitching synths that pierce through the intense segments. Thundering forwards with palpitating, rigid hats and filtered, severe oscillations, ‘DOPAMINE’ is one of Hardwell’s most organic and unapologetically heavy anthems to date, coming this May to Revealed Recordings.

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