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Following the release of recent singles ‘DOPAMINE’, ‘BLACK MAGIC’ and ‘INTO THE UNKNOWN’, legendary electronic figure Hardwell fires up the next single from his forthcoming album ‘REBELS NEVER DIE’. Titled ‘GODD’, this latest musical incarnation is an anthem of epic proportion and a fitting single to follow the second tour date from Hardwell’s ‘REBELS NEVER DIE’ world tour.

Taking inspiration from the seminal classic by Dutch electronic pioneer Marco V, ‘GODD’ is stimulated by a tech-trance core than engulfs with thunderous basslines and inoculation of rip-roaring euphoric energy. As the formative boomeranging topline; “Do you believe in a God that satisfies, do you believe in a God that opens eyes, do you believe in a God that tells you lies, or do you believe in me?” spins into the vortex, the tense and building construction then lead into ‘GODD’s storming underbelly. Taking radioactive, fizzing synths and bass that contorts into a destructive, foot stomping potion of club-ready energy. The track then runs with spacious melodies and hands-in-the-air tones that twist through a dropping tempo to enable a chance to catch a breath. Before, Hardwell opens the gates, and ‘GODD’ goes flat-out with a vengeance to bring back to life a trance-tech anthem full of modern-day musical potency.

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