ASCO⁠ feat. A.D.O.R.

Big Room

Italian producer ASCO has, over the past four years, drawn in colossal support from the most important labels and names in the scene. Releasing on imprints including Spinnin’, Hexagon and now making his fine return to Revealed Recordings, ‘Hey’ is his latest cut bringing the hyperactive, jump-up fun to the fore!

Linking up with A.D.O.R to add another element to this white-knuckle ride of a release, “I drop bombs for my generation!” spits the hyper speed vocal, cutting through to the listener with an elastic, boomeranging build-up. As ASCO’s production takes back the wheel for the instrumental, weighty workings to weave in and out of a chunky, bass-heavy melody, the escalating tempo pushes the gears up to levels right off the dial before high-toned glitches sprinkle through the pull-back of the onslaught. Climaxing with all the elements overspilling into an anthem of ambitious and bombastic measures!

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