Bad Cop

VINNE⁠ & Dillon Francis


VINNE returns to Revealed alongside legendary selector Dillon Francis as the pair create earth-shaking big room techno goodness on 'Bad Cop'.

The pair's first outing was the creation ‘Once Again', a track rich with instantly enticing rhythmical kicks and distorted vocal overlays. Now the twosome is back at it again, connecting effortlessly as they blend their sounds together into a coherent, beautifully produced and, above all, dancefloor-ready big-room techno anthem. VINNE does what he does best as he creates an industrial, in-your-face soundscape that will have any dancefloor fist pumping. VINNE's signature energetic style is complimented by Dillon Francis' similar yet more refined skill set. Complete with an eerily chopped-up vocal sample of a police officer and their abusive ways, the pair know how to prick up the ears of anyone listening. 'Bad Cop' is an all-encompassing and multi-faceted look at big-room techno, diving into all its details and complexities along the way.

Hailing from Brazil, VINNE has rapidly become one of the most sought-after selectors globally, never mind in his home country. It's no wonder VINNE keeps getting booked to perform at the most important festivals and clubs across the globe, such as Ultra Music, Tomorrowland, Universo Paralello, XXXPerience, Green Valley, Federal Music and many others; his sound is polished, concise and hard-hitting. When paired up with Dillon Francis, VINNE's skillset comes into a mind of its own, bouncing ideas off a producer in Dillon Francis, who is a seasoned veteran at this point. Dillon Francis is an American-born producer, DJ and label boss who has been in the industry for over a decade now, with an extended catalogue of huge releases on labels like UMG, Sony and more.

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