Sick Individuals

Dutch duo Sick Individuals are one of the most in-demand acts in modern electronic music today and bringing their jump-up sound to Revealed Recordings as core artists to the imprint, it’s no stranger to see why with their latest gem ‘Ruby’.

Leading with a simplistic melody that sounds metallic and polished driven by key notes that elevate, a barley-there female vocal whispers to tease in the ensuing, high-energy cut. Soaring with a big-room edge that swells, as well as a racing build-up that follows to let listeners know to put their “hands up high”, it’s an assault on the senses that merges mainstage power with a finessed production, toeing between an ecstatic eruption that takes no prisoners. 

Led by synth lines that race and low-end bass come the apex, make sure you get your hands on the latest epic instalment in the Sick Individual’s catalogue when ‘Ruby’ is released June 19th!

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