Revealed Atmosphere Drones Vol. 1



Revealed Atmosphere Drones Vol. 1 is an inspirational library of drones, soundscapes, and textures to animate your breakdowns.

Inside there are 53 drones, each 1-2.5 minutes long, sorted by key, for a total of 79 minutes.

With Revealed Atmosphere Drones Vol. 1, you'll find a stunning collection of the beautiful and heavenly to the dark and disturbing soundworld atmospheres to create a new level of depth and texture in your tracks!

Reveal Yourself.

Revealed Atmosphere Drones Vol. 1 - Details
REV-ATMOSDRONE1 [53 samples]

53 drones
Total Drone Time: 79 minutes
All sounds with discernible pitch labeled with exact Key

Format(s): 48Khz / 24Bit Stereo PCM .wav files
Approx. 1.28GB installed / Approx. 1.26GB Compressed .zip download

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