Repiet⁠, Lucles⁠ & Gomey


The brainchild of the talented trio of Repiet, Lucles and Gomey, 'Anywhere' is a progressive house rouser set to resonate across dance floors and airwaves in 2024.

With its innovative soundscape, 'Anywhere' is a sonic journey that blends the unique styles of Repiet, Lucles and Gomey with much aplomb, providing an effervescence of enthralling musicality. Equipped with peaking progressive and future house melodic stabs, rambunctious groove and topline of equal merit, 'Anywhere' pushes the boundaries of the genre while maintaining a sound that is quintessentially that of Repiet, Lucles and Gomey's respective, and emerging, musical identities.

Having made an indelible mark on the Billboard charts with his 'Echo' track, Dutch artist Repiet has been venturing beyond the canvas, crafting a refreshing style within the vibrant world of Future House music. Fellow collaborator Lucles has been making his own waves with his music. Ever since he started DJing at nine years old and began producing music shortly after, the young Dutch artist has seen his music supported by industry names like Martin Garrix and Don Diablo. Influenced by rock and pop music, American-born singer/songwriter Gomey brings a fusion of sounds to this project and his wealth of experience as one half of XUITCASECITY.

Kickstarting 2024 with a track that delivers unbridled joy and freedom, the collaborative trio have set their own tone for the year ahead, and what an exciting foundation for them to build on.

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