Time Travel

Kevin D'Angello


2023 will forever go down as one of Kevin D’Angello’s most pivotal years. The Dutch DJ/producer landed on the international dance circuit with force by signing to Hardwell’s Revelaed Recordings for his debut single ‘Space Train’ which has already racked up over 9.4 million Spotify streams and had viral success on TikTok. Charging this momentum into 2024, Kevin D’Angello is back on the label and kicking off the year with third single ‘Time Travel.’

On a quest to bridge the gap between hard techno genres with airs of trance and old school hardstyle, ‘Time Travel’ presents the ultimate sonic journey. Within seconds an uncompromising techno kick is unleashed going full throttle, four to the floor. A magnetic-field of energised electro effects seize under the building pressure and lead into an isolated spoken-word monologue that reads “time travel is the hypothetical activity of travelling into the past or future.” A heavy techno break engulfs the soundscape with enough ferocity to send a warehouse rave into pure dancefloor mayhem.

Kevin D’Angello presents yet another pristine production transporting his experience and connectivity as a DJ into crowd-pleasing anthems which are sure to be heard across the globe this year.

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