Different State


As one of Revealed Recordings brightest stars and most sparkling producers in the game, Maddix has constantly flown the flag for The Netherlands with his signature sound thanks to his intoxicating, illuminating productions. From the multi-million streamed ‘Bella Ciao’, over to the most recent ‘PYDNA’, Maddix now returns to his musical home of Hardwell’s label with the mission to captivate in a ‘Different State’.

A goosebump-inducing journey that immediately shoots off with a lightspeed energy, ‘Different State’ leans into harder, faster BPMs that bring the listener along for a white-knuckle ride of techno-laced rhythms and harder, progressive strains of electro. Thanks to a slamming offering of hyper-rapid beats and squiggling synthlines, as Maddix tunnels through the energy armed with tough drums and glistening, metallic hi-hats, it’s a release that shines more effervescent than anything he’s every released – armed with an attitude to match.

Bolstering forth full-steam ahead and armed for war with 303 wriggles and concreate-breaking kicks that are tough and attention-grabbing, make sure you get your hands on Maddix’s ‘Different State’ and be elevated to another dimension this Autumn, only via Revealed Recordings!

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