Venomenal returns to Gemstone with 'Somebody,' the third and final record on his three-track EP. Featuring his signature vocal hooks and lush chord progressions, the Dutch talent delivers yet another melodic banger.

'Somebody' begins with light synth chords and a beautiful female vocal hook. Venomenal later emphasizes the verse with a warm vocoder and vocal chop melodies. As drums get added to the mix, the track builds up to a fun drop featuring an organic lead sound backed by future bounce elements. Venomenal introduces new supporting synths in the second break before the track builds up to a second drop featuring a flurry of arpeggiated melodies and FX elements.

Dutch talent Venomenal has consistently proven himself as a leading force in the Gemstone family. His most recent track on the imprint 'What's It Gonna Be' has skyrocketed to over half a million plays in the last month on Spotify. Venomenal has previously released on labels such as Hexagon Records and Armada.

Support Venomenal by grabbing your copy of 'Somebody' out now on all platforms!

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