Sansixto⁠, Max Adrian⁠ &⁠ Aftermarket

Signalling the first Revealed Miami Festival EP after the labels previous Revealed Miami Sampler offerings, Revealed Recordings gear up to deliver 10 killer tracks which plan to become the soundtrack to this years anticipated week of Miami mayhem. Releasing two tracks a day this week including material from returning artists such as Olly James, Dirty Ducks and RIVERO to an array of fresh talent, the jam-packed collection of sounds will drop on March 16th!

Aiming to offer diverse soundscapes for all dimensions of the Miami week madness, Revealed once more put forward a magnitude of styles fitting for both warming up and taking over the dancefloor. Opening with Olly James, who returns after the mammoth track ‘Fuego’ with ‘Soulja’ – kick starting the EP with a flurry of club-cleared synth work. Further adding maximum energy with tracks including Notalike’s ‘Do You Wanna’ and bass-heavy ‘TRN IT UP’ from Matt Watkins feat. Xyclone, to the vocal masterpiece ‘Butterfly’ from Andrew Belize & Adaptiv.

Returning force Dirty Ducks also make their mark with their signature rolling grooves in ‘Outlaw’, along with the stellar energy-driven beats & bass combination from Sunstars with ‘Darkside’. Also featured on the EP is a melting pot of forward thinking grooves from Revealed’s ever growing talent pool, including Steven Vegas & Kevin Brand’s ‘Tequila’, RIVERO & Mutiny’s ‘Keep It Low’, DOMENO, Swede Dreams ‘Slack’ and finishing with ‘Stellar’ from Sansixto, Max Adrian & Aftermarket.

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