Revealed Techno Kicks Vol. 7



Revealed Techno Kicks Vol. 7 is a collection of 175 premier oneshots, each kick resonating with the colossal strength and timeless power of Techno. These full-bodied, raw, sub-heavy, and gritty kicks are masterfully crafted, ready to infuse your tracks with the seismic impact and mighty presence of Titans.

Designed to fortify the low-end spectrum of your Techno productions, this pack offers a diverse array of fierce oneshots. You'll discover Tops that pierce through your mix and robust subs that can be modified for a forceful Titan presence.

Whether you're producing for Big Room Techno, Industrial, Hard Techno, Warehouse, Underground, Mainstage, or exploring realms beyond, these kicks are your foundational pillars of your sound. To streamline your workflow, all samples are labeled by their root key.

With Revealed Techno Kicks Vol. 7, you'll have straightforward, high-quality kicks, engineered to add unparalleled depth and a commanding presence to your tracks.

With the Titans as your muse, forge your own legendary path in the Techno pantheon, and etch your sound in the annals of time.

Reveal Yourself.

Revealed Techno Kicks Vol. 7 - Details
REV-TECHKICKS7 Kicks [175 samples]

175 oneshots
All sounds labeled with Key

Format(s): 48Khz / 24Bit Stereo .wav files
Approx. 31.1MB installed / Approx. 29.6MB Compressed .zip download

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