After Midnight

Michael Parker


Melbourne based DJ and producer hits hard with his exhilarating new hard-dance track ‘After Midnight’, exclusively on Revealed Recordings this November!

Down your tools and let Michael Parker whisk you away to hard-dance euphoria in this dancefloor-ready heater from one of the most requested producers out of Australia right now! Blending elements of big room techno, old-school rave and Melbourne bounce, Parker expertly navigates genre boundaries and pulls all the best aspects from each and packages them within ‘After Midnight’. A thumping kick, intense build up and distorted vocal line give this track everything it needs to succeed on dancefloors across the world, from Melbourne and beyond!

Melbourne has long been known for its unique and diverse EDM scene, most notably for its very own subgenre Melbourne bounce. Michael Parker definitely draws influence from this scene, but effortlessly blends with aspects of more European flavours like hard-techno, hardstyle, trance and old school rave. When you combine all of these things, you create a concoction of styles and sounds that Parker truly emulates every time he rocks the decks. Back again on Revealed for the 3rd time this year, it is clear that Parker has the recipe for the success and is cooking away!

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