Manse⁠, Jac & Harri⁠ feat. Amanda Collis

Progressive House

A man of uber talents that has been carving a heralded name in the industry over a decade, Manse is a synonymous member of the Revealed Recordings family; from the recent progressive house workings of ‘Don’t Miss Out’, over to stellar support from names including label head Hardwell, Mike Williams, Blackcode and more. Now, circling back for a home broadcast, he links up with Jac & Harri and Amanda Collins for the irresistible ‘Nobody’!

Jac & Harri, the tag-team brotherly duo hailing out of South Wales, have drawn attention on their pumping releases that set offshoot label Gemstone alight, before premiering on the main Revealed imprint that then really propelled them onto the global stage. On ‘Nobody’, both the new and old school sounds work in tandem to add emotion and euphoria to big-room house.

Treading through atmospheric key stokes and tonal notes that evokes an almost spiritual feeling that swells, Amanda Collins’ high-rising topline is rich with a moving delivery, as “I wanna believe in love” stretches out the impressive elocution, in a force of power that will blow listeners away. As the elevated, shooting synths set alight the production’s build-up, it’s an overspill of a glistening melody and a synth-driven direction that makes ‘Nobody’ sparkle.

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