La La Life



KAAZE, is set to dazzle global audiences once again with his latest release, ‘La La Life’ when it drops on the 18th August!

This irresistible deep house track combines KAAZE's signature vibrant melodies with a catchy, light hearted female vocal, promising to be an instant hit on dance floors worldwide. With ‘La La Life’, he takes listeners on an electrifying journey through ricocheting synths, grumbling basslines, and an enchanting vocal performance that captures the essence of carefree living. The infectious melody is expertly crafted, blending elements of deep house with KAAZE's trademark sound, resulting in a track that's both familiar and refreshingly innovative. The lively female vocal adds an extra layer of charm, encouraging listeners that life’s not ‘that dramatic’ and encourages them to immerse themselves in the music.

KAAZE is an internationally acclaimed DJ and producer hailing from Sweden, known for his innovative blend of electronic dance music genres. KAAZE's unique ability to seamlessly fuse genres and craft memorable musical experiences has earned him a well-deserved spot as one of the world’s top 100 DJs. With a string of releases across Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings this year, the trailblazer continues to raise the bar with his latest release. His unique productions are acclaimed for their infectious melodies and continue to captivate audiences across the globe, including his chart-topping ‘I Should Have Walked Away’ which has now surpassed a whopping 60 million streams.

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