The Evil Folk

KAAZE⁠ feat. Nino Lucarelli

KAAZE is a staple member of the Revealed Recordings family, exemplified by his guest appearance on the first episode of the label’s brand new podcast series recently to kick things off with a bang. Teaming up with Nino Lucarelli for his latest offering on Revealed Recordings, ‘The Evil Folk’ showcases inspiration from the melody of the infamous 1893 song ‘Streets Of Cairo Or The Poor Little Country Maid’ that tip-toes between the brooding and the instantly-recognisable, garnished with a contemporary twist.

KAAZE states ‘The Evil Folk’ is “one of my biggest and most exciting releases of my career so far”, and with impressive lyrics written by the unified pairing coupled with an earworm of a melody line, it’s clear to see why.

Grab your copy of the latest smash from KAAZE and Nino Lucarelli out 21st February via Revealed Recordings and succumb to ‘The Evil Folk’.

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