Up In Smoke


Taking on his next release with Revealed Recordings, Swedish-born KAAZE is a dedicated family member of the label, embarking upon his twenty-ninth release ‘Up In Smoke’, the follow up to ‘My City’, which was released beginning of April. Growing up in a musical family, KAAZE was exposed to the likes of rock bands such as Aerosmith and Whitesnake, which has heavily influenced this latest offering.

‘Up In Smoke’ begins with a crackling guitar amp, before plunging into classic rock and roll. Brimming with guitar power chords and raspy male vocals, the track intensifies and builds up to an electronic drop. Merging genres with electronic riffs and memorable lyrics, KAAZE’s track is punchy, vigorous and doesn’t have chance to lose an ounce of momentum. Switching between computer music and live music too, this track demonstrates KAAZE’s talent and versatility as a producer to incorporate different styles of production, highlighted previously on KAAZE’s recent single, also on Revealed Recordings, ‘I Should Have Walked Away’ feat. Nino Lucarelli.  

With a host of high-profile collaborations behind him, having worked with the likes of Tiësto and label boss Hardwell, with the latter collaboration coming in the form of ‘We Are Legends’ in 2017, resulting in over 4 million streams on YouTube alone. His track ‘Tell Me’ also reached #2 in the Beatport charts, while ‘Triplet’ was awarded numerous accolades including “Miami ID of the year” in 2017. If his impressive portfolio is anything to go by, this latest genre-merging track will definitely be a stand-out anthem heard in clubs and festival fields across the globe this summer.

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