Midnight Runners


Revealed Recordings favourite KAAZE has shown no signs of stopping, recently cranking up the gears on ‘Temperature’, teaming with the talented singer/songwriter from Arizona Nino Lucarelli, the pairing also notably put their stamp on a classic 80’s anthem back in 2019 with ‘I Should Have Walked Away’, clocking in over 32 million streams.

‘Midnight Runners’ has an electrifying start, and a progressive sound that screams euphoria and will surely take you on a musical journey. Envisioning this with the lighting and a perfect atmosphere, this is a full dancefloor package, that, when linked with a memorable bassline and using a vocal tone that captures a priceless feeling, brings a vintage-tinged nostalgia like no other right into 2021.

The Swedish-born DJ & Producer KAAZE, with an array of talents and a multi-instrumental background, alongside his knowledge and creation of electronic music, is a conquering combination. ‘Midnight Runners’ incorporates these attributes and is one that will certainly get the fans excited.

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