Anybody Out There (The Remixes)

Hardwell⁠ & Azteck⁠ feat. Alex Hepburn⁠, RSCL⁠, Keanu Silva⁠, Dr Phunk⁠ , A*S*Y*S⁠, Radical Redemption⁠, FÄT TONY

Revealed Recordings boss Hardwell returns to a recent favourite in ‘Anybody Out There’ with Azteck and Alex Hepburn by inviting some of the foremost DJ’s in the scene give their take on it!

The man, the myth, the legend, Hardwell closes out his epic 2023 campaign in true superstar fashion as he assembles a crack team of superb selectors to re-imagine recent smash hit ‘Anybody Out There’. Returning to your airwaves with a multi-faceted and all-encompassing 6-song remix package which features brand new reworks from the likes of A.S.Y.S., Dr. Phunk, Keanu Silva and more. After the initial releases huge success across streaming services and in DJ sets worldwide, its only right that the legend returns with some new flavours from your favourite selectors to spice up the track this December on Revealed Recordings!

A.S.Y.S., Dr. Phunk and Radical Redemption bring the harder sounds as they bring in techno and hardstyle influences respectively, all while creating a remix that is original and unique to their ideas and style. With such a thumping bassline already in the track, these producers revitalise the sound and energise it by adding hard-hitting, industrial flavours to it, adding a dark and exhilarating edge to the existing stems while keeping remnants of Hepburn’s wicked vocal throughout!

On the other side of the coin, we have three more remixes which take ‘Anybody Out There’ and remix it with a softer approach than the guys mentioned above, all while keeping the energy high! FAT TONY, Keanu Silva and RSCL have been making waves as of late with their cool, laidback and deep approach to dance music and now find themselves rewarding with a placement on this epic remix package. FAT TONY and Keanu Silva both offer a bouncy, tech/future house idea for the track, dressing it up in swirling synths and groovy basslines. RSCL reclines even further back with his cool, serene and tranquil deep house remix of the track, beautifully chopping and playing with the vocal sample and layering it upon the existing aspects!

Anybody Out There (The Remixes) - Hardwell⁠ & Azteck⁠ feat. Alex Hepburn⁠, RSCL⁠, Keanu Silva ⁠, Dr Phunk⁠ , A*S*Y*S⁠, Radical Redemption⁠, FÄT TONY⁠ 
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