Do It Till Your Face Hurts

Dada Life

Back with a blaze holding Revealed Recordings veteran status after they delivered the huge remix to one of the imprints first ever releases ‘Encoded’ by Hardwell, Dada Life return, encompassing more of their heavy electro glazed sound with ‘Do It Till Your Face Hurts’.

Built from the ground up with the mainstage in mind, ‘Do It Till You Face Hurts’--the latest release from duo’s upcoming full-length album OUR NATION (out May 4)--comprises all the elements the dancefloor dominating pair have fast become revered for over recent years. Sturdy grooves and powerful lower frequencies tear through the mix from the offset, building towards sizzling synth lines and tearing snare build ups which complement the finely tuned electro synth licks throughout.

With two albums, numerous high-profile singles and remixes under their belt, Dada Life continue to be on a constant upward trajectory, with ‘Do It Till Your Face Hurts’ looking like another perfect addition for maximum impact across festival season and clubs globally over the coming months.

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