Tony Junior⁠, Ez Quew⁠ & Caneschi

Firing up an arsenal of earth shuddering grooves, ‘Stamina’ is the latest release cut from Tony Junior and onboard for the ride are EZ Quew & Caneschi.

‘Stamina’ opens with a jaunting intro comprised of vocal parts; the track then flips into overdrive with a rumbling body of beats that go ecstatic in a trio of drops before the breakdown gives party punters what they came for.

Tony Junior is no stranger to the Revealed family. With his previous release on the label, a collaboration with REGGIO, ‘Burnin Up’ gave the imprint’s fans much excitement. So, this latest addition to Tony Junior’s extensive discography will surely be a welcomed release!

With a slew of releases like ‘Keep Me Hight’, ‘Juicy Lemon’, ‘About You’ and his Spinnin’ Talent Pool release ‘No More Tears’, Ez Quew is an artist showing great potential for his years. Fellow collaborator Caneschi has also been drawing much praise from his peers. With previous tracks like ‘Tensions’, ‘Glass Mind’, ‘Brave’ and ‘On Fleek’ (a Revealed Radar release) all finding their way into DJ’s sets of late, Caneschi continues to build on his rising career prospect.

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