Thomas Gold⁠ & Angger Dimas

New track ‘HI LO’, dropping on Revealed Recordings, combines the production skills of Thomas Gold and Angger Dimas for the first time, as the two demonstrate their ability to deliver a successful special blend of their different styles and create a track that is better collectively than the sum of its parts.

“HI LO” opens with a high-energy percussive build up which quickly peaks, leading to a thumping drum beat. Further tribal percussive elements alongside a forceful bassline blend together to deliver an impactful track, perfect for any clubbing environment. Throughout ‘HI LO’ there’s evidence of the unique production techniques of both Gold and Dimas, which, when combined, come together to create a solid dancefloor killer.

German Thomas Gold is a household name in the dance music world. First appearing on the scene since the early 2000’s, and with early productions being Trance focused and later evolving into Progressive and Tech House, he has a wide knowledge of influences which have contributed to his accomplished current production style, with previous releases on labels such as Armada and Protocol cementing his serious production pedigree.

Angger is a new face to Revealed Recordings, with ‘HI LO’ being his first appearance on the label, however he’s no stranger to the industry having been signed to Viscous Recordings back in 2009 and like Thomas Gold, has also had releases on labels such as Armada. Combined the duo have had support on previous releases from the likes of Hardwell, Afrojack, Timmy Trumpet, Kryder and R3HAB, so the decision of the pair to come together was always going to be a match made in heaven.

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