Leading on from collaborations with Mountblaq and ANG on ‘Kingston’ and ‘Control Your Mind’, STVW is proud to announce his solo debut on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings with ‘Heartbreak’.

Taking notions from screwed’n’chopped urban, mixed with a big-room sensibility, ‘Heartbreak’ grips the listener from the get-go! Motioning in with high-pitched vocals that then morph to deeper elements, combined with a beat that wades through, synth lines overtake to dominate a melody that fluctuates between a hands-in-the-air electro force, that when combined with its lower tones, takes on a whole new form. Giving nods to a multitude of genres, STVW’s debut solo release completely shows an individuality like no other!

‘Heartbreak’ is released via Revealed Recordings today – make sure it’s not missed!

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