Let's Get Fucked

SMACK⁠ feat.Mingue


Eurodance enthusiasts rejoice as Dutch DJ and production duo SMACK joins forces with the mesmerizing vocalist Mingue to drop their latest new-age techno track, "Let's Get Fucked," released under Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings imprint this May!

Diving headfirst into the world of Eurodance, "Let's Get Fucked" offers a refreshing take on the genre, infusing pulsating beats and infectious rhythms with Mingue's captivating vocals to create an unforgettable sonic experience that transports listeners to the dance floors of the '90s and beyond. “We get dirt and hot… happy birthday to me bitches!” exclaims the flirty topline, perfect for the prime time dancefloor with an irresistible beat that leans into the lure of the underground.

SMACK's mastery of production shines through in every aspect of the track, with digitised melodies, smacking drums and rippling synths, each layer builds up into the foundation for an electrifying journey through sound. Mingue's soulful vocals add an extra layer of depth and emotion, elevating "Let's Get Fucked" to anthem status and ensuring its place as a standout addition to any playlist, fun and unashamedly bold as they come.

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