Come Alive (EWAVE Remix)

Sick Individuals⁠⁠ feat. Robbie Rosen

Sick Individuals are a duo renowned within the industry, bringing their unique and polished productions to the fore, as a core component of the Revealed Recordings make-up for the best part of a decade, as they continue to push forth with a stylistic presence for 2021, this time enlisting EWAVE to work some remix magic on their hit ‘Come Alive’.

Where the original took bright arpeggios and a radio-ready vocal that flourished throughout the track, EWAVE has flipped the release over into new, club-ready territory that shimmers thanks to glittering synths, that then U-Turn into a deeper, corrugated take. As melodies, bolstered by keys, shoot forth to provide a soaring backdrop for Robbie Rosen’s vocal to fly, the productive prowess is then pulled back before boomeranging with an overflowing ambush of hip-shaking, dark beats.

A fresh, fluctuating and full-of-bite take for 2020, make sure you grab EWAVE’s remix of Sick Individual’s ‘Come Alive’, out this January 22nd only via Revealed Recordings!

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