Alive (The Remixes Part 2)

Fresh off the back of Maddix’s impressive remix of Sick Individuals hit ‘Alive’, the Dutch duo return with another instalment of exquisite remixes in the shape of ‘Alive (The Remixes Part 2)’.

The 4-track release sees remixes from Trilane and Holl and Rush - who the latter have previously jumped on HELIX with Sick Individuals.

Both of their remixes show elements of their own stylistic touch. Trilane’s effort packs a heavy punch, whilst still being accompanied by mellow piano chords and string arrangements. Holl and Rush’s remix is equally as mellifluous. Choppy hi-hats combined with a dominant lead synth proves to be a compelling combination.

These tracks are perfect for festival season and you sure to see them tucked away in many DJs arsenal over the coming summer.

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