Stay Focused

ShortRound⁠ & H93


Upcoming producer Shortround continues his meteoric rise up the industry with a brand new earth-shaking big room techno release ‘Stay Focused’ alongside fellow newcomer H93.

Making his initial breakthrough in 2017 the talented producer has been making waves in the scene, at at the back end of last year, his release with Hardwell ‘Goes Like This’ cooked up a storm. Shortround is back at the top of 2024 to continue his momentum with the high tempo track ‘Stay Focused’. Adopting a similar, heavy duty big room techno sound, Shortround is definitely making a name for himself within the scene with his aggressive and emphatic productions. Quickly becoming one of the most exciting new producers releasing on Revealed, Shortround gives a leg up to Korean newcomer H93 as he stamps his authority on the track!

With both artists expertly meshing their unique sounds together, ‘Stay Focused’ is a in depth look into the mind of two of the most exciting producers out of Asia. With a handful of huge releases under their belts at this point already, it is going to be super exciting to see just how far they can both take their respective skillsets in this ever-changing industry!

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