Forever (The Remixes)

Following the release of the excellent high profile remix by Kill The Buzz, NYC based duo Rico & Miella are back with two fresh remixes of their astonishing single ‘Forever’.

The first remix comes from the English pair Disco’s Over, who have enjoyed a string of success in recent years with their releases on Armada, Dim Mak & Hospital Records. Now, with their debut on Revealed Recordings, the duo highlight their high-quality production capability with a hard hitting remix that will leave your knees quaking.

Disco’s Over’s future bass meets dubstep remix manages to capture the heart-warming presence of the original, fully utilising that distinguishing vocal of Miella, and combining it with their own unique style of heavy bass and high octane synth work.

The second remix is a slightly more down tempo version of ‘Forever’ which is collaboration between AKI & Stereotype. The canadian producer AKI has previously collaborated with Israeli duo Stereotypes for Paris & Simo’s ‘Keep Me Close’ but is now teaming up for an outing on Revealed Recordings. Remaining faithful to the original, AKI & Stereotype barely tamper with the vocal, instead the trio have brought their own flavours of tame future bass sounds with melodic bassline progressions to give it that around chilled vibe.

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