Revealed Techno Drums Vol. 1



Revealed Techno Drums Vol. 1 is a collection of 380 handcrafted drum sounds specifically designed to take your techno tracks to the next level.

Spanning 17 categories, you'll discover a diverse selection of sounds including thundering kicks, rumbling bass, intricate percussion, dynamic snares, crisp cymbals, and more! All samples with discernable pitch are labeled by their root key and BPM information to help you streamline your workflow. Each sound has been meticulously crafted to give you the classic techno sound that you've been searching for.

If you want to create killer techno tracks that stands out from the crowd, Revealed Techno Drums Vol. 1 is a must-have in your creative arsenal!

Reveal Yourself!

Revealed Techno Drums Vol. 1 - Details
REV-TDR1 Loops
REV-TDR1 Clap Loops [10 samples]
REV-TDR1 Kick Loops [45 samples]
REV-TDR1 Kick Rumble Loops [40 samples]
REV-TDR1 Open Hihat Loops [25 samples]
REV-TDR1 Ride Loops [15 samples]
REV-TDR1 Snare Loops [15 samples]

REV-TDR1 One Shots
REV-TDR1 Claps [25 samples]
REV-TDR1 Claps FX [15 samples]
REV-TDR1 Closed Hihats [25 samples]
REV-TDR1 Crashes [5 samples]
REV-TDR1 Kicks [45 samples]
REV-TDR1 Noise [5 samples]
REV-TDR1 Open Hihats [25 samples]
REV-TDR1 Percussion [35 samples]
REV-TDR1 Rides [15 samples]
REV-TDR1 Snares [25 samples]
REV-TDR1 Toms [10 samples]

380 samples
All sounds with discernable pitch labeled with exact Key
Format(s): 48Khz / 24Bit Stereo PCM .wav files
Approx. 186MB installed / Approx. 160MB Compressed .zip download

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