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Welcome to Serum Tokyo Drift, a collection of 200 presets, fusing together the traditional and cultural sounds of Japan with the pulsating, electrifying energy of modern EDM.

Conceptualized around the thrilling theme of "Tokyo Drift," this collection mirrors the exhilarating rush of drag racing, encapsulating the breath-taking acceleration, audacious maneuvers, high-octane energy, and adrenaline-fueled intensity of the world's most daring motorsport.

Split into 8 preset categories, each sound has been meticulously designed, blending iconic Japanese instruments such as the Koto, Shamisen, and Shakuhachi with the raw energy of EDM synths and bass. Additionally, each preset is assigned advanced modwheel assignments and all four macro controls are programmed to give you more options and control shaping your sound.

Each preset has been crafted to reflect the distinctive vibe of Tokyo: the ancient meets the futuristic, the serene harmonizes with the chaotic, the rhythm of ancient drums dances with the throb of synthetic beats. These presets will transport your listeners to the heart of a midnight Tokyo race, where neon lights glimmer and engines roar.

Whether you're crafting an atmospheric soundtrack, a heart-thumping dance track, or adding a touch of exotic flair to your compositions, "Serum Tokyo Drift" is your ticket to a new sonic dimension where age-old tradition collides with the breakneck speed of the future; a sound design experience that blurs the boundaries between the traditional and the cutting-edge, between serene melody and racing pulse beats.

With "Serum Tokyo Drift" you'll have a suite of sounds to ignite your creativity and put you firmly in the driver's seat of your music productions!

Reveal Yourself.

Revealed Serum Tokyo Drift - Preset Details
8 Preset Categories:
808 (12)
ARP (14)
BASS (30)
LEAD (42)
PAD (4)
PLUCK (23)

Total: 200 presets

200 presets
Core synthesizer patch mapping and programming
All presets assigned intuitive modwheel parameters
All presets assigned all four macro controls for easy tweaking and multiple sound variations

Preset format(s): .fxp
Approx. 322MB installed / Approx. 311MB Compressed .zip download
Note: Presets Require Full Retail Version of Xfer Record’s Serum version v1.357 or later

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