Revealed Serum Screeches Vol. 1



Revealed Serum Screeches Vol. 1 is a collection of 50 presets and 200 screech shots, each designed to infuse your productions with the energy and intensity to create warehouse anthems.

Among every preset having modwheel assignments, each preset is programmed with all four macro controls - to give you quick and creative modulation options to shape your sound just the way you want it. Additionally, each preset has been sampled multiple times with macro shaping expressions, sorted by key - for quick out-of-the-box use and inspiration!

With Revealed Serum Screeches Vol. 1, you'll have a comprehensive suite of source sounds to craft your own personalized screeches for Hardcore, Techno, Hardstyle, and Dark electronic genres.

Reveal Yourself.

Revealed Serum Screeches Vol. 1
SYNTH [50 presets]

Revealed Serum Screeches Vol. 1 Samples
REV-SRMSCR1 [200 samples]

50 presets, 200 oneshots
Core synthesizer patch mapping and programming
All presets assigned intuitive modwheel parameters
All presets assigned all four macro controls for easy tweaking and multiple sound variations
All samples labeled with root key

Preset format(s): .fxp
Format(s): 48Khz / 24Bit Stereo .wav files
Note: Presets Require Full Retail Version of Xfer Record’s Serum 1.345 or later
Approx. 155MB installed / Approx. 135MB Compressed .zip download

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