Revealed Serum Keys Bundle


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Bundle Includes:
Revealed Serum Keys Vol. 1
Revealed Serum Keys Vol. 2
Revealed Serum Keys Vol. 3
Revealed Serum Keys Vol. 4
Revealed Serum Keys Vol. 5

Total: 232 presets

The Keys to Your Creative Kingdom
Unlock new dimensions of sonic creativity with Revealed Serum Keys Bundle, the ultimate collection that fuses organic warmth with limitless modulation. This preset collection is designed specifically for producers looking to elevate their sound in genres like Melodic House, Progressive House, Dance Pop, Future House, Lo-fi, Video Game, and more.

An Organic Palette for Digital Artists
With 232 meticulously crafted presets, this pack brings you a diverse range of animated keys—from grand pianos infused with tape saturation to uniquely modern keys that offer a taste of the future. Every key has its own story to tell, and with Serum Keys Bundle, you're the narrator.

Fine-tuned Control, Tailor-Made for You
Effortlessly sculpt your sound using four macro controls programmed into each preset. From pitch modulation to texture layers, every parameter is just a dial turn away. Plus, modwheel assignments across all presets ensure dynamic and expressive performances.

Versatile and Future-Ready
Whether you're scoring an indie game or laying down tracks for a festival anthem, Serum Keys Bundle transcends genre boundaries. This is more than just a preset pack; it's a complete toolkit for key-centric music production!

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