Revealed Buildups Vol. 1


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Revealed Buildups Vol. 1 is a sample collection filled with the individual elements of a buildup. You’ll find a wide variety of Impacts and Downlifters, Tonal + Noise Risers, Snare/Clap/Ride build loops, to predrop Fills, and more, to quickly construct your Buildups.

To enhance your workflow, all samples are labeled with BPM info and root key. Revealed Buildups Vol. 1 is an essential weapon for any producer’s creative arsenal.

Reveal Yourself.

Revealed Buildups Vol. 1 - Details
REV-BLDUPS1 Clap Builds [10 samples]
REV-BLDUPS1 Combination Buildups [15 samples]
REV-BLDUPS1 Downlifters [10 samples]
REV-BLDUPS1 Fills [25 samples]
REV-BLDUPS1 Impacts [20 samples]
REV-BLDUPS1 Noise Lifters [5 samples]
REV-BLDUPS1 Ride Builds [5 samples]
REV-BLDUPS1 Snare Builds [25 samples]
REV-BLDUPS1 Sub Booms [15 samples]
REV-BLDUPS1 Tonal Risers [20 samples]

150 samples
Library is sorted within multiple categories for easy navigation
All sounds with discernible pitch labeled with exact Key

Format(s): 48Khz / 24Bit Stereo PCM .wav files
Approx. 420MB installed / Approx. 372MB Compressed .zip download

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