In My Head

REGGIO⁠ & Mike Bond

Wasting no time in arriving hot on the heels of his previous release ‘X’ with Sandro Silva, REGGIO marches back to the frontline with Mike Bond for ‘In My Head’. 

Releasing ‘Shoot N Miss’ via Revealed back in 2019, the Asia-based, UK-born producer makes his welcome return in style, the uniting duo corroborating their punchy, pumping production styles for an elite new track. With woodwork, flute-like tones flying high for a teasing introduction of the melody, the double-time beats and accelerating tempos keep one foot firmly in the club before the breakdown packs a punch with stuttering synthlines and shattering glass tones, a house-ready vocal that nods to the old school belts out soulful tales of “When The Voices In My Head Go/ That’s When I Know I Am Free”. 

Launching the release in style with a classy merger of dancefloor destruction and classic, unforgettable tropes of dance music elevated for a slick 2020 take, make sure you get ‘In My Head’ with REGGIO & Mike Bond, out 13th May!

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