Swedish electronic music duo Qulinez, honourably recognised by the unrivalled power of their sound, drop their very first Revealed release titled ‘Tutankhamun’ which is set to be yet another international floor smasher, arriving just in time for festival season and gracing clubs worldwide.

‘Tutankhamun’, having recently gained enough exposure to be featured on Hardwell on Air, brings with it a tsunami of luxurious intensity with the track combining full throttle energy, eminent danceability and enthralling vocals that generate a hauntingly captivating signature sound, iconic to the duo themselves.

Quilnez’s musical output has consistently been recognised and placed within some of the industry’s most profound and respects DJ sets, including Paul Van Dyk, Don Diablo and Calvin Harris, with ‘Tutankhamun’ being no stranger to worldwide glorification. This melodic big room track oozes extravagance, with hauntingly hair-raising sirens, frantic momentum and a variation of kicks pulsating throughout the track, all building to the ultimate heavy duty drop.

Tightly grasping on to the roots in true EDM style, Qulinez continue to stamp their iconic sound upon the masses and there is no telling what adventures next await them. 

Get your hands on Qulinez with ‘Tutankhamun’ via Revealed Recordings – out now!

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