PØP CULTUR⁠⁠, Rush & Hydro

PØP CULTUR and Rush & Hydro make their debut on Gemstone Records with a melodic slap-house single titled ‘Time’. The track features mystic vocals, plucky lead synths, and distinctive Brazilian-inspired bass notes.

‘Time’ begins with a delicate female vocal verse backed by twinkly arps and mesmerizing ambience elements. The track quickly progresses to a drop featuring a bubbly lead synth melody supported by hard-hitting basslines. Orchestral brass hits add bursts of energy and character to the mix.

PØP CULTUR is an Italian DJ/Producer duo best known for tracks such as ‘Constellations’,‘ Tell Me Baby’, and releases on labels such as Revealed Recordings and Spinnin’ Records. Rush & Hydro is also an Italian duo, with releases on labels such as Showland, NoFace, and Spinnin’. In 2019, the duo was selected as resident DJs for the “Holi- Color Festival” tour, playing in more than twenty shows around their home country.

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