City Life

Rave Republic⁠ & Chester Young

The mighty duo Rave Republic make another appearance on Revealed Recordings, and this time it’s to bring a splash of ‘City Life’ to the musical proceedings, with Chester Young on board to give the release an extra dose of raw power!

Equipped with a pitched down, robotic vocal part, ‘City Life’ glitches into warp speed with plenty of bass wobble and pitching high-end electro slices. The grade A production on ‘City Life’ ensures that its atmospheric impact will be a sure-fire hit at any party, indoors or out!

Following their previous outing on Revealed with the popular releases ‘Deep Love’ and ‘Legacy’ in toe with Reggio, the duo from Asia landed back in the Top100DJ poll at #98, proving their evergreen appeal is still hitting global audiences. Chester Young is no stranger to big releases. His smash single ‘PYRO’ was a scorching hit on TikTok, trending across the platform with 2.2 billion plays and over 10 million on Spotify streams. With his last release on Revealed being a remix on the ‘Mucho Bien’ remix package, and other releases under Don Diablo’s imprints, Chester Young studio output is catching more attention than ever before.

Rave Republic and Chester Young ‘City Life’ is available 10th February via Revealed Recordings. 

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