Take Me Home

Zheno⁠ &⁠ Dj King ET⁠

Zheno x Dj King ET team up for a massive collaboration titled ‘Take Me Home’. Featuring light synth plucks, rumbling basslines, and infectious vocals, this release has the perfect recipe for a melodic deep house banger. 

‘Take Me Home’ gets straight to the point by introducing listeners to a  punchy kick pattern in the opening verse backed by a deep house bass and a Tamborine rhythm. The producers simplify the drop by focusing attention on a catchy vocal hook, bouncing sub-bass, and delicate pluck hits. 

Zheno is no new name to Gemstone Records. He recently dropped an eclectic deep house record on the label last November titled ‘From the Stars.’ Additionally, the Italian producer has released numerous tracks through the Revealed Radar platform. Zheno is also known for releases on Spinnin, Smash The House, and Future House Music, which have been supported by the likes of Hardwell, David Guetta, and Tiesto.

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