Straight From The Underground

Olly James


Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for lift-off as Olly James’ new track takes you ‘Straight From The Underground’ and launches you into space with high-energy techno. This sensory-stimulating composition is his latest release on Revealed Records which turns up the heat with heavy driving techno elements. The track transports you straight to the rave with its industrial style that oozes up-tempo energy and keeps you on your toes as it twists and turns on every rise and fall.

The track starts in 5th gear and stays in the fast lane throughout, maintaining an electrifying sound that pairs relentless drums with razor-sharp stabs, ‘Straight From The Underground’ is engineered for the utmost impact. Olly’s latest track is a clear display of his fluidity as a producer taking underground elements of Industrial, Big Room, and Driving Techno and merging them all together in this dancefloor destroyer.

Olly James, a rising star from Newcastle, UK, has swiftly become a force in electronic dance music, captivating global audiences with his infectious beats and boundless energy. Starting his journey at 18, he quickly gained traction with releases like 'Sphinx' in 2013 and collaborations with industry heavyweights. By 2023, his partnership with Hardwell on 'The Seduction EP' further solidified his prominence. His latest track is a clear demonstration of his talents as a producer and is a must-have for any techno connoisseur.

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