Keep On going (SOVTH Edit)

NTVT⁠ & Kevin Moncado

After the ADE sampler brought fans a delectable selection of pre-festival anthems, chosen for their individual flair and party-rocking style, the unity of Sovth and NTVT stood out of the collection to wreak havoc on ensuing listeners. With both artists previously also releasing on the likes of Protocol Recordings and joined by Maltese rising talent Kevin Moncado, SOVTH add a signature deeper, glitching house take to ‘Keep On Going’. A subbed-out bridge and kick-drum highlights a grooving vocal as the tension and ensuing release winds up – “Let’s Keep On Going!” pumping through the speakers for a banger that storms full speed ahead.

Make sure you get your hands on NTVT & Kevin Moncado - Keep On Going (SOVTH Edit) – out on Revealed Recordings 19th February, 2020!

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