Friends (eSQUIRE Late Night Remix)

Niiko x SWAE⁠⁠⁠⁠,⁠ eSQUIRE

Niiko x SWAE’s hit pop single ‘Friends’ gets a fresh deep house remix from veteran producer eSQUIRE. The UK producer is back again with a reimagined version of the Gemstone Release featuring subtle plucks, high-intensity drums, and ambient guitars.

eSQUIRE begins the remix with an emotional piano progression alongside UK-garage-inspired drums hits. A bubbly pluck melody joins the breakdown before the remix drops into an infectious bassline and lush synth chords. eSQUIRE doesn’t hesitate to manipulate the original vocals, whether that's pitching them down or chopping them to create a dreamy atmosphere.

‘Friends’ has proven to be a massive success for the LA-based DJ/producer duo Niiko x SWAE. The track has already skyrocketed to over a million streams since its release. With a brand new rework by eSQUIRE, listeners now have another excuse to keep this track bumping in their playlists.

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