Top Of The World


After a colossal 2020 that included collaborations with the likes of Ben Nicky on ‘Falcon’ and the epic ‘Bang Bang with Reality Test’, MR.BLACK has continued on his sourcerous omissions into the new year bring a brand new alias/label to the fore under HYBIT with the deeper, darker take ‘Konnichiwa’ and 'Take Control'. With releases way into the double figures as one of the imprint’s best-loved artists, he now presents his feelings of being on ‘Top Of The World’ with a fresh cut that will surely keep fans enthralled.

Introducing itself with a Euro-heavy approach of an almost one-note vocal delivery, to accentuate the message of the release, “Come on together we are not alone… we are feeling on top of the world” computerizes as lengthened synths underneath add a dramatic, building effect; it’s, excitingly, unlike anything we’ve ever heard from the artist before. In true MRBLACK fashion, lazer-like, almost trance-reminiscent synths then come in to the fore before pounding beats push up the BPMs for the rotating, repeating lyrics to boomerang back, nodding to the elements of old-school rave in it’s delivery but remaining modern in its collective energy. As the melody winds down making space for a swelling pre-breakdown breather, handclaps instigate a myriad of kaleidoscopic layers that merges a harder strain of big-room with racing rhythms and euphoric melodies.

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