Merger⁠ feat.⁠ ZACHARY

Merger returns to Gemstone Records with a melodic deep house smasher titled ‘Overtime’ featuring ZACHARY. Filled with dreamy soundscapes and contagious bass notes, this emotive record exemplifies the duo’s efforts to redefine their sound continuously.

‘Overtime’ gets straight into the opening verse with a droning bass and energetic hi-hats and claps. Saving no time for buildup drums, the track jumps directly into a tasteful drop consisting of arpeggiated plucks, majestic deep house bass notes, and a brass-inspired lead synth. Merger adds to the cinematic atmosphere by incorporating orchestral drums in the second breakdown.

Hailing from New Orleans, Merger is an American DJ/producer duo known for connecting underground and mainstream house music through their signature sounds. Composed of trap/hip-hop producer P-TAB and dubstep/metal product Qore, the project allows both artists to bring their unique styles to the dancefloor. The duo has already garnered support from legends such as The Chainsmokers, Afrojack, Dash Berlin, and have released on labels such as Liftoff Records, Pyro Records, and Blackhole Recordings.

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