Chasing The Light

Maryn feat. Jordan Shaw

New name Maryn debuts on Revealed Recordings to open minds and arms, joined by vocalist Jordan Shaw on ‘Chase The Light’ for an electrified slice of racing big-room. Fusing house-style synths that shimmer without ramping too harshly for Jordan Shaw’s vocals to truly shine, the track muses with vulnerability and tender elements, bubbling with a positive enforcement of house beats before double-time stabs book-end the track, bringing it back to the club.

With Jeff Sutorius dropping an instrumental of the track at ULTRA Miami 2019 and further support from Dash Berlin, the new interjection of a delicate, refreshing topline brings a whole new dimension to the fore; get on your marks to also be ‘Chasing The Light’ – out on Revealed Recordings February 12th, 2020!

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