In My Body


Maddix is back with a vengeance, fusing the scintillating sounds of techno and trance with his latest release, 'In My Body', ready-made to shatter the dancefloor, Maddix lifts the roof with his classic leads.

‘In My Body’ resembles the classic sounds of the 90s and old school rave culture, with its dark and innovative production that can only be known to people in the scene, ‘In My Body’ is sure to get bodies pulsating from dusk till dawn. Maddix has developed every element, from starting with an acid bass lead that fluctuates in pitch and pace, with the pounding kick drum that drives the soaring BPM. Maddix’s use and inclusion of the hi-hats and atmospheric melody, which swoops through the record with a minimal approach, magnifies every vibration of sound creating a breakdown that hits you with every spoken word, that will have reverberation for miles, that ensures you will have ‘In My Body’ on repeat.

Revealed Recordings superstar Maddix, has a previous string of successful releases on the imprint, most recently with ‘Superheroes’, his big catalogue of production exploring different avenues of electronic music and the umbrella of genres it holds. Maddix’s on-trend sound and the new evolution of techno, as well as the development of using new technology to create a live setting in the track, ensures that ‘In My Body’ will be a sell-out!

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