Since debuting a new, underground-pointing style earlier this year, first starting with ‘Ecstacy’ that encompassed rave and electro, over to his most recent in May ‘Existence’ with racing BPMs, he now returns with his next instalment as Maddix 2.0 with his new direction that is simply, ‘Electric’.

 Taking a militant, shattering beat that inaugurates the release with weight, “Dance with me/ Rave Me” robotically flutters over melodic techno, pivoting to a progressive nod to the backbone melody come the middle of the release, for a showcase in talent and class. Upping the ante with crushing bass and a looped vocal that pushes into hyperactive overdrive, synthlines zoom for the pounding, base-level strikes to bring it back to the dancefloor.

As his fourth release that has showcased his pivot in sound with recent support from artists and label mates including Hardwell, Sander Van Door, W&W and more signalling an exciting and natural progression of direction for Maddix, make sure you join in the ‘Electric’ party, set for Revealed Recordings release June 26th!

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