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Lister is back on Revealed channels with the release of his hard-hitting, acidic big room techno hit ‘Insane’!

With three huge releases on Revealed already this year, Lister is becoming part of the furniture at the legendary label. Much thanks to his instantly recognisable musical style and undeniable stage presence when he rocks the decks, Lister is fast becoming one of the most sought-after names in the bubbling big room techno scene. The Tasmanian selector continues to push genre boundaries while producing refreshing and high-energy dance music for his fans around the world, that’s why he has been supported by the best labels around, including Revealed and more recently, Teamwrk!

This kind of run of releases has also put him on the map of top booking agents, as he continues to rock shows across the world, from Europe to Asia! After only six years in the industry, Lister continues to master his craft with every release, fine tuning the details each time. The Tasmanian devil has come a long way since his early releases, and you can tell he’s improving. With a huge 2023 under his belt already, capped off by this incredible release ‘Insane’, it will be interesting to see just how far Lister can take his talents in the new year!

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