Desert Storm

Kevin D'Angello


Kevin D’Angello is back, showcasing his expertise in bridging genre gaps to create high-energy dance fusion tracks. His latest release, 'Desert Storm', blends elements of trance, big room, and driving techno into an eclectic mix of styles. Take a high-tempo journey through snappy kick drums, pulsating synths, and crisp hats that harmonize perfectly with impactful breakdowns. The build-ups swiftly arrive, punctuated by vocal snippets atop an integrated soundscape before propelling you back into a hard-driving beat.

Dutch DJ and producer Kevin D'Angello made his mark in the electronic music realm with his debut track 'Space Train' in the summer of 2023, also under Revealed. This debut received support from the likes of Hardwell and gained viral traction, amassing millions of views and over 14 million Spotify streams. It's his signature style, blending the grit of techno with trance and old-school influences, that distinguishes his DJ sets.

With years of experience behind the decks, Kevin D'Angello looks ahead with anticipation, eager to unleash his creativity and offer his audience new and innovative music experiences. 'Desert Storm' shines a spotlight on his skills as a DJ and producer, showcasing his excitement and passion for the underground music scene.

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