KAAZE⁠ feat. Nino Lucarelli

KAAZE has made huge strides throughout his career with a collection of spellbinding releases through Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, building his way to become a much-loved artist that brings in a multitude of unexpected and dazzling influences into his world. From the rock-meets-electronic sensation that was his 2019 debut artist album ‘Dreamchild’, over to noteworthy singles that have risen up the Beatport rankings, he now commences 2021 with a bang with the arrival of ‘Temperature’.

Linking up with long term collaborator Nino Lucarelli, who he previously connected with on 'Satellites', 'The Evil Folk', 'I Should Have Walked Away' and more, KAAZE creates an atmospheric soundscape that permeates a flourishing electronic beat, contorting around a raw and ready vocal. As Nino’s vocal delivery makes the “temperature rise up”, a synth-dominated melody resonates a feel-good, hands-in-the-air ethos that just begs to be blasted across a festival mainstage in, hopefully, the not-too-distant future. As keys mutate at hyperspeed, almost intergalactic in their tonal pace, as the breakdown follows each element outstretches to create a cocktail of big-room-meets-jump-up-electro euphoria.

The perfect January pick-me-up, make sure you get your hands on ‘Temperature’ from KAAZE feat Nino Lucarelli, out January 29th, 2021!

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