Lost Souls

Jeffrey Sutorius⁠ & Jay Hardway⁠⁠

Progressive House

Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings next up unveils its latest in a long line of releases that have set the dancefloor alight, as proving they are anything but ‘Lost Souls’, Jeffrey Sutorius and Jay Hardway bring their signature sound together for this all new, exclusive collab!

Jeffrey Sutorius has long been revered with the dance music space, a producer that weaves his individualistic thread that has been deep-rooted in trance and always pushing the boundaries across his decades-long career.  Here, with Jay Hardway, a next generation fellow Dutchman that has done on to collaborate with the likes of Martin Garrix, Bassjackers and remixes for names including Bingo Players and Armin Van Buuren, ‘Lost Souls’ is a testament to both artists creative output sure to get things rocking!

With guitar notes that pluck beneath a raw yet emotional vocal, it has a country-leading twang that draws in the listeners with ease. “What about makin’ our lost souls come to life?” croons the pop-ready vocal before layers of instrumentation and the big-room, sparkling production bursts out of the speakers with a joyful, infectious overspill. From melodies that don’t go full-throttle and instead, bring an interjection of feel-good, vibrant shimmers, ‘Lost Souls’ is not only hopeful but sure to put a smile on audiences faces the world over, when it is released this April, only via Revealed Recordings!

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